Healing Earaches without Medicine… Coastal Chiropractic Style

So, yesterday Hannah came home with a major earache. She had been playing in the water hard all day and was really uncomfortable.

I often have people ask what we do in that type of situation so I thought that I would walk you through what we did.

We picked her up from her friends house at the park down at the beach. She came up to me and told me that her ear was super sore. She did not even want to play. Hannah is not one to sit and mope at the park so I knew that something was pretty bad.

  • So I laid her down on the bench at the park and adjusted her spine and jaw. ( I find that often when the jaw is misaligned that pain is felt in the ear and upper neck.)
  • When we got her home she laid down on our BioMat at temp. 122′ ( We have ours on our sofa in the living room so everyone can use it.)    🙂
  • We sprayed colloidal silver that we keep in the fridge into her ear while she was laying on her side so that it would go deep into the ear.
  • We made sure that she had taken her probiotics that day which she had. (Many studies have been done about ear infections and probiotics.)
  • We put an icepack on and under her ear for anti-inflammatory measures & pain reduction.
  • We did a cold laser treatment to reduce inflammation, decrease pain and speed soft tissue healing.
  • After the laser treatment she fell asleep for about 30 min. ( Sleep is a great response for the healing body.)
  • Then she woke up and went to bed.
  • I adjusted her one more time before she fell asleep.

When she woke up this morning she was 100%. TaaaDaaa!!!

I am so grateful that I am a CHIROPRACTOR! To be able to effortlessly help my child heal her own body with perfect spinal alignment and light technologies is just a beautiful thing!

Love & Healthy Babies, Dr. C

How Great It Is To Watch Them Heal At The Speed Of LIGHT!

How Great It Is To Watch Them Heal At The Speed Of LIGHT!

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