Gluten Free Organic Veggie Lasagna- Coastal Chiropractic Style

I love making a big pan of lasagna from all of our organic veggies that we get in our CSA. This is an act of love. You see, when you take amazing organic produce grown by conscious and kind farmers and prepare them with love….. You get magic!

This morning I woke up thinking about the cherry tomatoes and squash that we got in our basket this week. I mean really!… How many cherry tomatoes can you eat? Well, I dreamed this perfect use for lots of tomatoes and all sorts of other yummy veggies, and got busy today. I even got a new kitchen gadget to help make those tomatoes into delicious sauce… I just love kitchen gadgets!

So easy to make your own tomato sauce..... Organic, local and Coastal Chiropractic Style...

So easy to make your own tomato sauce….. Organic, local and Coastal Chiropractic Style…

Gluten Free Organic Veggie Lasagna


#1- Get a jar of your fave sauce & use it 🙂

#2-Make your own…. Yum!

  • Roast tomatoes cut in half & cherry tomatoes on sheet pan
  • garlic cloves (6-8) unpeeled
  • red onion 1 cup chopped
  • drizzled with olive oil (1/2 c. +) seasoned with Himalayan salt and fresh cracked pepper
  • I used my grill ….but probably 400′ for 20-40 min in the oven
  • Let cool and put everything through a food mill, especially the olive oil.
  • Add a splash of balsamic vinegar and Himalayan salt to season
  • Place into a pan and reduce till desired consistency.

Layers of Love :)… Lasagna Style

  • Put some sauce on the bottom of the lasagna pan
  • Next a layer of Tinkyada gluten-free lasagna noodles ( These are the best gluten-free noodles)
  • Then I added a layer of zucchini & patty pan squash cut like lasagna noodles and grilled on a sheet pan with olive oil and salt.
  • Next a layer of ricotta mixed with 2 eggs, 1/2+ cup of parmesan, and close to a pound of spinach sautéed with garlic and chopped roughly, all seasoned with salt and pepper.
  • Next a layer of grass-fed mozzarella grated.
  • A layer of that amazing sauce…. Wow!
  • Then another layer of noodles.
  • Next I added sautéed mushrooms and garlic seasoned with Himalayan salt.
  • Another layer of that amazing sauce.
  • Then a top layer of grass-fed mozzarella and parmesan.
  • Place these layers of love in the oven at 375′ for about 35-45 min. (I usually just cook until it smells done)  🙂
Gluten-free Lasagna... Coastal Chiropractic Style....Yum!

Gluten-free Lasagna… Coastal Chiropractic Style….Yum!

This is my way of transforming simple and wholesome vegetables into magic.

I hope that you enjoy this as much as we did!

          Love & Magic, Dr. C

How veggies say "I Love You"... Coastal Chiropractic Style :)

How veggies say “I Love You”… Coastal Chiropractic Style 🙂

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