Why Young Living Essential Oils Rock!…. Coastal Chiropractic Style

For those of you who do not know me…. I am a chiropractor who was raised in a very wholesome and natural home. I was taught from a very young age that my body has awesome capacities to regain and maintain health and vitality naturally. I was never introduced to medicines and the like as a means for healing. I was allowed to explore the world of complementary healthcare with an open mind and an open heart.
So throughout my life I have found many ways to increase my vitality and health naturally. Eating whole REAL foods, constant movement, chiropractic vitality care, meditation, BioMat healing, yoga….. lots of yoga, and pretty much just celebrating life with wild abandon 🙂 Yep! That is my jam!

How do you keep your family AWESOME?

How do you keep your family AWESOME?

Part of my natural living approach is only using natural products. EWG.org is a great place to start learning about how safe your products are. Their Skin Deep Database is awesome and empowering.
When I found it I was using a lot of Aveda products. With their amazing marketing I was under the misled belief that their stuff was all great for you and botanical goodness….. Well that was not the case. 5 of my primary products were in the red zone for health consequences. YIKES!

After I found this out I became a warrior of sorts educating myself about toxins in skincare. So I changed to all natural (FOR REAL) products. Which mostly were based in essential oils. I share these with my friends and patients so that they can also reduce their toxic overload from their cosmetics and body care.

Then I started using essential oils for just about everything. Skincare, baby care, dog care,  , weed prevention, household cleaning. I even put a few drops of peppermint in my vacuum bags to make the house smell yummy while I vacuum. Pretty much everything I use has essential oils in it.

Then I found the Mack Daddy of essential oils!!!!…YOUNG LIVING… And my love reached an EPIC new level. For real people when I touched these oils I felt like I was vibrating from their raw energy! Then I delved into their uses & all sorts of hours searching online how to use the….. Wow their uses are endless!

So then I started sharing & helping others get to know how they can use essential oils to improve their and their family’s health naturally …… Wooooo hoooo I felt like I had won the HEALTHY LIVING LOTTERY!!!

And I still do 🙂

This is the starter kit that I recommend that everyone starts with. I also recommend that they add grapefruit oil and lemongrass ….. and then the sky is the limit from there.

I have many friends and colleagues. Who have been so inspired by these amazing oils that they too have taken their love into the business end of the company. & that is AWESOME!!!


Love & Little Drops from Heaven, Dr. C

This really works! I totally have a personal testimonial!!!!

This really works! Totally have a personal testimonial!!!!

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