The Natural Living Revolution….

I went in to the cutest store today while we were in Victoria BC…

It was loaded up with products that were all reusable and sustainable. I browsed the shelves for probably about an hour. I love finding ways to reduce my plastic footprint and find incredible ways to just live better with nature and create less waste.

I got a few silicone straws which will be amazing in my reusable Starbucks mugs…. I always kinda hate their plastic straws because they are made with crap plastic that leaches plastic particles when I use my citrus oils for detox drinks….

I got the best little bamboo sporks so I can use those on the go instead of plastic single use utensils. I’ve carried a little bamboo utensil kit with me since the kids were babies so we could not just mindlessly use plastic that never breaks down.

I got a crazy cool cleaning cloth that I literally cannot wait to clean all the things with…. all it uses is water & cleans like a streak free boss.

I found a tinted chemical free 2 oz sunblock from my favorite sunblock company Think Sport. We have used the company since Hannah was about 2. I found them on a family trip to Florida. I seriously love a travel size everything & finding something that I didn’t know existed but already love was such a happy moment. They are super safe and on‘s Skin Deep database score amazingly well.

The last thing I got was all self care…. it is a silk eye pillow that has lavender and organic wheat berries inside it. I cannot wait to use it when I need a moment of peace or in my yoga practice. If you don’t know…. the oculocardiac reflex go look it up… it’s legit scientific stress reduction. And lavender has proven for eons to reduce stress…. so if you need me I’ll be laying around chill as a mofo.

(Anyone who is local to me: I’ll be teaching a class on how to make these eye pillows and dye the silk covers with natural dyes next month. Let me know if you are interested by messaging me on Instagram @barefootchiro I’ll put you on the class list)

The last thing that struck me in the store was the wall of oils and tinctures that they offered it’s such a cool thing to see how main stream this self care movement is becoming. I grew up in this kind of natural approach to health. Which means it was completely normal for us to use oils, vitamins, chiropractic, nature over chemicals…. but now the shift is happening so quickly in mainstream …. it is as if this huge veil has been lifted on where true health and healing comes from.

I saw an article the other day in a pretty popular parenting rag. It was pretty funny because among the pages of chemical advertisements, which were probably about 1/2 of the whole magazine if not 3/4. There was an article that was trying to bash parents who have found out that they can be self empowered in their family’s health and use essential oils at home. I took it as a sign that the chemical companies are getting nervous and are noticing that people are waking up.

They are waking up to better ways. They are waking up to knowing how to solve their own healing crises. They are waking up to self empowered healing. They are waking up to waste reduction and not just mindlessly following the plastic and chemical companies. They are waking up from a slumber that they have been in since the dark ages where everyone was told that they had to pay the powers above them to impart healing and wellbeing for their families.The chemical revolution is giving way to the NATURAL LIVING REVOLUTION.

People are sick and tired of being sick and tired and the little steps that each of us can take to start to change is all we need to do. If it’s something as simple as just carrying your own bamboo spork or a reusable straw. Or if it’s a big step away from chemical dependency and starting your own apothecary at home. Big steps or little steps are still steps in the right direction.

Let’s do better together. We can all take these together and create massive momentum in taking back our rightful place in health and vitality.

Love and Continued Improvement, C

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