Go outside

We all know the things to do to stay healthy….

But the life of convenience and bonding with technology has wiped our innate desires to connect with nature on all levels. Essentially caging you like a majestic lion kept in a 5 foot square cage.


Fresh Air

Real food

Climbing, Jumping and Playing so hard you are sore the next day


Finding joy in nature

Smiling at strangers

Are all foreign principles that have been lost in such a short time.

The most fundamental…. fresh air

If you knew that just simply getting outside for anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours a day would save your life from not only a cold but would set you up for future robust immunity would you do it?…. would you do it for your kids?

I spoke to a mom the other day who told me her son plays video games 48 hours over the weekend. As you can imagine he is physically frail, eyes glazed over and basically looks like he has been kept in a cage 24/7.

Just because it’s what they want to do or it’s what all their friends are doing doesn’t mean it’s what your kids should do.

Countless studies show that fresh air and unstructured play is critical for both kids and adults.

But you don’t really need a study to tell you that….


You are smarter than that.

Go outside.


Love, Dr. C

Grab this book:

Good book

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