Peanut Butter Cup super protein smoothie

When I was a kid I worked at a health food smoothie bar and was raised by a healthy hippy. I remember that one of my favorite drinks was grape juice with vanilla protein powder in it. I just loved when the protein created clumps that were like candy in the cup. Obviously I didn’t get candy that much so I created my own joy ha…. I kinda got good at making smoothies that not only are tasty but are loaded with good stuff as well.

My kids run so much better on dense protein but would rather carb load. Kinda like us all… so when I can trick them into protein loading I feel like I’m totally winning the day.

Today I made them my rendition of a yoked up peanut butter cup.

Peanut butter cup smoothie

Blend in your blender. I highly recommend getting a Vitamix blender because all other blenders suck imo. I’ve broken every blender in less than two years until I finally got a Vitamix and have now had it over 15 years. It’s worth the investment.

This smoothie is delicious and has about 70-75 G protein which is pretty incredible.

Enjoy & tell me how you like it.

Love, C


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Lmk if you need a Young Living account to get the best prices on the chocolate pure protein complete. Just message me on Insta. That will be the best way to reach me.

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