Backup plan thoughts

I remember having this conversation over the past ten years or so with every one of my friends…. with strangers… with anyone who would listen….

It went sort of like this….

Me: “Do you have a backup plan?…. I didn’t before I started with Young Living…..”


Answer 1: “No…. isn’t that a scam?”

Answer 2: “ Really?…. Tell me more….”

Now…. I look back on these conversations and wonder how I could have helped more people understand that small home based businesses with massive purpose are exactly what threatens this globalist fueled takeover of all of our rights.

They have been demonizing small businesses forever.

Over the past year they just put their plans in motion to put 2/3 of all restaurants and probably more of small businesses out of business forever.

This is not a coincidence.

When they make you work for THEM they then dictate your rules.

It’s no longer “My body, my choice “

It’s “You do what we say or we defund you and your babies “

Running small businesses is the ultimate REBELLION

It’s the ultimate middle finger to a wanna be controlling globalist psychopath regime.

It’s not a scam.

They just said that over ….and over ….and over because if they could get you to believe it you would run and get a “real job”

And we all see where that gets you.

So what is REAL?

-religious freedom

-body autonomy

-education freedom

-health freedom

-free enterprise


-supporting small

-rainbows and butterflies

-emotional support animals

-growing your own food

-community support

Tell me the last time you got hired at a “real job” and any one of those subjects came up or were stated by your potential boss?

Love, C

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