Consistency is the Key to Freedom

I had a friend give me a book the other day and since I’m already reading about 10 books currently I just opened it to see one word.


So I started thinking about how this single principle has created success at all of my passions over my life….

Decades, years, months….

Over a period of extended time my goals, dreams and visions have created themselves out of what seems like nothing.

I took the time to write, vision board and see my goals clearly to start. Then the consistency came into the equation. I feel like there were times that others didn’t believe in my dreams. Even the people closest to me rolled their eyes and patted me on the head. They said something easier would be better for me….

I didn’t listen to them…

Because my inner voices were much louder and they really believed in me…..

This dream of helping humanity relieve their suffering is a BIG JOB….

So many are brainwashed beyond the point of no return.

But there are so many people who need our help.

They need our voices.

They need us to show up.

They need us to save them from this chemical stew that they live in.

Our consistency is not just a superpower….

It is their lifeline out of pain, suffering and a life of living in fear.

Health and vitality is an inside out job, but if they don’t hear how easy it is to start making changes….

OVER…. & ….OVER….. & …. OVER…. & …. OVER…..

They will fall for the failure paradigm that has so many people living in fear right now.

It is our job to just keep on showing up.

Even when we are tired….

Even when the word is crazy…. (especially)

Even when someone quits…..

Even when people call you crazy or a quack….

Because we know the truth.

The body can heal itself from anything given life force, proper nutrients and toxins removed.

It happens no other way.

Love, Dr. C

ps…. just show up

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We are dedicated to helping people achieve their most healthy and vital potential.
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