Hydration of the highest Vibration

Today is a great day to have a GREAT DAY

A funny thing happens when you carry a large glass bottle of mystery liquid around. Many people think it’s some sort of alcohol. Some people just look at you weird. Then some brave people ask you what it is.

The other day in yoga I brought my up-cycled Ningxia bottle, filled with antioxidants, MSM, turmeric and electrolytes. I reuse the bottle because it’s such a great size and glass or stainless steel is a way better way to carry liquids with me. The horrors of plastic bottles is something I’ll save for another post.

MSM Improves Joints, Allergies and Gut Health.

My drink that I’ve been refilling the glass bottles with has evolved over time. Most recently I’m loving a combination of Ningxia, coherent water, turmeric powder and a few grains of Himalayan salt to increase my energy and healthy vibration during the day. Especially during exercise this combination helps me stay well hydrated and balances my recovery needs.

Here is the recipe:

  • 4-6 oz Ningxia (antioxidants)
  • 1 tsp Sulfurzyme powder (MSM & prebiotics)
  • 1/4 tsp Golden Turmeric powder (anti inflammatory among many other things)
  • Coherent water with Himalayan salt added (deep cellular recovery and emf protection)

Add Ningxia, Sulfurzyme & Turmeric powders and fill bottle with coherent water. Drink one or two a day.

Enjoy Life to the fullest ❤️

Love, Dr. C

ps… We have 4 bottles of Ningxia and a box of travel packets delivered every month in our subscription box from Young Living. We add the Sulfurzyme & Golden Turmeric powder about every other month. This is the best price point. We get the most loyalty points this way as well.

pps…. Here is my link for the Coherent Water tool. This works for pet water, plant water and bath water as well.

Find me at my office on Tuesdays and Fridays and deep at work and play the rest of the week.


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