Why Infants Need Chiropractic Adjustments- Coastal Chiropractic

I was honored to adjust an infant that was in its first day of life yesterday. This is something that always inspires me. To be present at the moment of pure neural clarity quickened into a new life is just about as amazing as it gets.
You see, I am passionate about babies getting adjusted. To make sure that their little bodies are fully expressing all of their God given adaptive finesse is something that I was put on the planet to do.

Many people ask “Why would a newborn need a chiropractic adjustment?”

Have you seen a birth? Birth is just about the most amazing thing that I have experienced and witnessed. It is powerful beyond measure. Even the most perfect home birth is tremendously awe inspiring, raw & powerful. With major birthing forces working on both the mother and child. In todays medical world birth has taken on a trauma-like aspect that introduces the mother and child to a whole new set of circumstances. C-sections, forceps, vacuum extractions, Pitocin, and countless other ways to manage ‘medical birth events’ create a whole new set of forces that the human body is not adapted to recovering from easily.

  • I believe that every newborn child and the newborns mother should be adjusted the day of birth or as soon as possible. I believe that this adjustment would help to align these new being with their perfection and allow them to ease into our world without the restriction or hinderance.
  • I believe that every mother should be adjusted from the moment of conception to at least 6 months after birth. I feel that this would help mitigate many of the postpartum stressors that create so many problems for new mothers.
  • I believe that we are all put on this planet to share our gifts with our fellow beings. This is my gift….. LOVE IT!

Please get your children checked for subluxations. Let them express their INNATE PERFECTION.

                 Love & Innate Goodness- Dr. C


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How great do you want your children to be?

How great do you want your children to be?

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  1. Mary Sydney says:

    Love to Dr C and your whole family, toooooo! XO

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