Gluten Free Tabbouleh… Coastal Chiropractic Style

So, probably one of my favorite foods that I make is my gluten free tabbouleh. Made with organic red quinoa and chia seeds,  it is the perfect go to power food, packed with yummy goodness. I make it year round and at least once a week so it is always in my fridge. The kids love it as well as everyone else.

I happened to have some in the fridge over Thanksgiving and when we were dishing up our THANKFUL FEAST my sister said what about the tabouleh?!?!… Can you imagine I had just left that lovely dish of goodness just sitting there left out of the festivities!!!! Dang….. Well out my friend the tabbouleh came, and as usually happens…. She asked for the recipe…. So here it is.

Yes, it really does need to be in the cute pumpkin pot.

Yes, it really does need to be in the cute pumpkin pot.

Gluten Free Tabbouleh- Coastal Chiropractic Style

  • Organic Red Quinoa, from Trader Joe’s – use 2/3 of bag

Cook normally

No need to rinse

  • Organic Asian Cucumber (the kind in the wrapper)

Peel skin off

Quarter the whole cucumber, then slice into pieces

Put cucumbers in a bowl and

  • Add ¼ cup of Organic Red Wine Vinegar
  • Add 1 small or ½ large lemon, juiced into the bowl
  • Add ½ cup of EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil 🙂
  • Add ¼ cup of chia seeds… Let them sit and sprout for a few min.
  • Add one container Trader Joe’s Sheep Feta – 10.1 ounce container
  • Add one jar Greek Kalamata Olives from TJ. – 6.5 ozs…

Drain jar

Then chop roughly and add to bowl

When quinoa is cooked (about 15 minutes), take off the heat to let it absorb any residual water and cool slightly before adding to the cucumbers (don’t cook the cucumbers)

If you add it too hot, the cucumbers will start to get gross before you finish eating all of the taboulleh

Add the cooled quinoa to the bowl

  • Chop cherry tomatoes – 1/2 pint – add for color, chop in half
  • Add 1 very big handful of organic flat leaf parsley, and chop very small

Add a sprinkle of Himalayan salt (just a pinch)

Taste and add more vinegar to taste and more olive oil if it seems too dry.

And then you have and amazing, healthy, and full of power cold salad that acts like a meal… YUM! …….

Love & Gluten Free Goodness, Dr. C


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