Do you drink coffee?

How do you take your coffee?….

Best answer gets a bottle of peppermint from us❤️🌱

I know…. I know….

I’m about to stir up a hornet’s nest with what I’m about to say….

But sometimes you gotta just be yourself…. because trying to be someone else is straight up exhausting & not one bit fun 😂❤️✨

I quit coffee.

There …. I said it!

It was one of those crutches that always kinda pissed me off. I mean, why can I not even function in the morning unless I drink caffeine?!?!…. I’m built to thrive, not to be dependent on the mist commonly used drug in the world….. aka :caffeine

It dehydrates you, when you are already breaking your fast from sleeping….. Did you know that your body is actually mostly dehydrated in the morning because you lose so much moisture at night through your breath & sweating?!?!… When you are dehydrated, your brain does not work well. So your best tactic for waking up is to hydrate, NOT dehydrate. I like to start the day with 12 ounces of water with GreensFirst mixed in to start the day with getting all my veggies & moisture. I also do a Tablespoon of Innate Choice omega 3s…. because that’s just smart. (We will talk about healthy fats later)

If I’m looking to wake up here are a few things that I will do…

1. Drink Water…. lots of water. (Here is our filter)

2. Breathe Peppermint oil (proven to increase oxygen in your blood) or drop it on your head. Good peppermint is spicy, but it’s pure magic when it comes to clearing the brain & waking you up.

3. Do breath work. (Here is a great video on breath work) There is this invigorating breath I learned years ago that literally takes about 2 minutes & it works bomb.

4. Move your body. Yep, ….crazy…. but exercise will actually wake you up.

5. Drink decaf. Ha!!!! Most people think decaf is like dirty dish water, but you just need the right one. This company has my favorite.


These are just a few random thoughts from my brain to yours.

Happy Saturday friends.

Love, C

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2 Responses to Do you drink coffee?

  1. Danny Candler says:

    I drink the bad stuff. vanilla latte with almond milk. Every morning. I’m getting ready to buy a coffee maker I found some vanilla natural flavoring creamer And add some grass fed butter. And Tuesday I am going to try and quit smoking. downloaded an app that seems to be very encouraging. Whoop. I send hugs and laughter to you and the fam. Peace and love my friend. You rock

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