DIY Toxin Free-Breeze home & surface spray

Have you ever thought about what is in all those sprays that are in the “home cleaning ” isle in the store? Well about 14 years ago I really started delving into questioning what I was buying. I was pregnant with our first home birth baby & that little voice inside my head said “do better”.

So I followed that instinct. I started out by finding a website called and searched their Skin Deep Database for possible products that I was using on my body that were either hormone disruptors or possibly carcinogenic. That was a pretty eye opening experience to say the least. I literally threw everything away in my bathroom and found safe an better products. This was certainly not an easy task because of course some of my “favorite products ” were on the death scale. But I knew that my unborn baby & my body deserved it.

But here is the really interesting thing…. I had been using “natural botanical” cleaning products in my home for pretty much ever. I had found what I thought to be safe products and was spraying them on every surface in my home. Did you know that there is a term called “green washing” that is where companies make you think they are green and clean in their advertising, but they really are no better or safer for your family than day glow chemicals that you have to wear a respirator when using?

Fast forward to the day I found an app called Think Dirty. This completely revolutionize my home & body care buying. It allows you to scan all of your products while you are shopping, and gives you a 0-10 grade based on the results. 10 means it’s killing you fast & 0 means go ahead and use it on your sweet family.

So then I became my own hero in my family. I found products that aligned with my home health goals and started sharing those with all of my friends. I also started doing a lot more DIY products because I knew exactly what was in them and could custom make truly clean fragrances that I loved instead of just taking what the big manufacturers were giving me.

DIY home Toxin free breeze spray

One of the most useful products for cleaning my home has for sure been The concentrated Thieves cleaner. Because I can dilute it differently for every surface in my home. I even use it as a laundry pre-treater which I think is pretty cool. Just one bottle under my sink now instead of the myriad of sprays and day glow colored cleaning products. I totally feel like I’m winning the clean home award. Also my kids can grab a bottle and get to work because it’s so safe. That’s just incredible.

But the other day I heard about how vodka makes a great antibacterial and destroys bacteria causing odor. Of course when you use vodka you will pretty much use the cheapest one you can find. No need for it to be something you would make a drink from even though you could. Try doing that with your store bought cleaners & room sprays.

Simple room and surface spray

  • One bottle (I use recycled HealthAde kombucha bottles)
  • One spray nozzle (here are the ones I like)
  • Cheap vodka
  • Filtered water
  • Your choice of Essential oils

Fill the bottle 1/2 full with vodka fill the rest of the way with filtered water. I used Young Living oils only because quality matters & they are the best. Shake and spray whenever you want to freshen your space.

Here are a few of my favorite combos:

Clean Home Scent

  • 10 Lemongrass
  • 20 Lavender
  • 20 Grapefruit

Relax and Unwind Scent

  • 25 Peace & Calming
  • 10 Lemon

Who Needs Sick days Scent

  • 30 Thieves
  • 10 Lemon

Happy Family Scent

  • 25 Valor
  • 20 Lavender

Energizing Scent

  • 20 Peppermint
  • 10 Lemon
  • 10 Grapefruit

Enjoy & tell me what you think, Celeste

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