Take time for Yourself… traveling well

Take time for yourself…

So often we jump right into our busyness right when our spirit is just settling into our form from the night’s creative dream state.

Take a few moments to welcome the day with sitting and welcoming in the breath.

This morning I did my GreensFirst (one scoop with 14 Oz of water) with a drop of peppermint vitality and took my travel fish oil (5 caps). I breathed in 4 drops of Transformation oil with cocreative Intention. Then sat my butt down and listened to one of my favorite Deepak guided meditations. Then I moved on my favorite travel yoga mat.

It’s when I’m dedicated to these few moments that I notice my days are so much more in flow.

Here are the Greens:

Here are the Fish oil caps: ( I usually take the liquid when I’m not traveling)

Here is the link to the Essential Oils: (grab a starter kit it’s the best deal to get going)

Here is the link for the meditations:

Here is my favorite travel yoga mat:

Our lives don’t just magically get less frazzled and chaotic unless we decide it is a priority. The reduction of stress is a longevity tool that will change how your genes respond to your current and future experiences. (This is called epigenetics Bruce Lipton has been teaching about gene triggers for decades )

Love & Continued Improvement, C

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