Chocolate Smoothie that tastes like a Frosty

Ermygosh… I just made a smoothie that tastes exactly like a Frosty😱😱😱… & of course I am drinking that bad boy out of a wine glass, because  proper glassware is a total thang in mi casa… Top secret ingredients are coconut milk & coconut water… but the chocolate protein is the real jam❤️🙌🏼✨

Healthy Chocolate Smoothie made with coconut water & protein

Chocolate Smoothie 

-one banana frozen or not

-2 cups ice

-3-5 T coconut milk with cream

-2 scoops Pure Protein Complete Chocolate (follow link for wholesale or retail prices. For wholesale prices just get a starter kit to qualify)

-coconut water to blend in your Vitamix

Smoothies are simple & delicious way to get healthy, but they are also all about looking incredible and fueling from all of the wild things that you do with your body💪🏼✨💋

#smoothie #healthyliving
Love Yourself, Celeste 

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