One of the most important conversations of our current world is, the fracture between being a human and not knowing how to eat for health and longevity. Nutritional deficiencies and allergies in a world of over indulgence and astronomical health care access and costs is epidemic.

The food INDUSTRY moved into our kitchens when the mothers went into the workforce and local communities were tricked into not producing their own foods. Traditional and heritage foods and ferments were lost in the shuffle of double income homes and “progress”.

If you are confused about foods and what the “proper diet” is you are not alone. I believe this confusion was created on purpose to make all the processed and boxed foods necessary rather than just more “convenient”, (which is how they sold pre chopped and frozen broccoli to my grandmother’s era).

Here is an easy book to start your journey into real foods and dense nutrients for your family.

ps… This is a link from a small independent bookstore. Let’s get back to supporting small even if it takes a bit longer.

Love, Dr. C

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