The Foundation Habit

I was reading Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive: The Third Metric to defining success & was struck by something pretty bomb…. 💣🙌🏼⚡️

In our lives we often have good habits & bad habits… amIright? The good habits often build on themselves & create a freaking awesome vitality paradigm. Unfortunately so do the bad ones…

Here are a few examples…

➕ Crappy Thoughts…. you have crappy thoughts… you believe them… you act on them… you surround yourself with other crappy thinkers… you pick up alcohol or cigarettes… then you have low energy so then you eat low vibe food & then everything is seen through crap colored glasses & your outer world starts to reflect your inner world … bla… bla… bla… (Foundation habit: crappy thoughts)

➕Radical Self Love…. you wake up & meditate… you find a little zen… you have deep knowledge of your self worth & celebrate your gifts… you surround yourself with like minded rockstars who lift you up… you go for a run… you then have higher energy so you crave high vibe food… you find any reason to adopt more good habits, because it feels right in your soul…. (Foundation habit: radical self love)

➕Chiropractic… you find a kick butt chiropractor… you leave their office feeling incredible… you smile at someone who needs love… they hug their kids…you have so much energy that you start exercising… after you exercise you start appreciating your body more… You pour good nutrients & positivity into it… you donate more to local charities because you now make more because you have so much extra energy… (Foundation habit: chiropractic)

Often we will adopt either a seemingly small habit & whether it is good or bad it becomes the keystone habit of our souls… then we allow that one habit to create & populate the rest of our days with either magic …. or crap…

It’s like a “you choose your adventure “ book.

Some of the foundation habits that have shifted my life…


➕growing food & supporting local farmers

➕cleaning without toxins



➕surrounding myself with people who are aiming to be better

➕cooking for my family

➕radical self love & care


➕daily movement & sweating

➕returning to nature

➕daily gratitude practice

➕focusing on love

What is one good FOUNDATION habit that you are going to bless into your life? You know that when add this… others will naturally bless into your life…

Just start with ONE

Love, C

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